Central Of The Hallyu Culture (K-Star Road)

If you would like to experience the Hallyu culture of K-POP and enjoy Gangnam Style shopping, visit the K-star Road. On the K-star Road led for 1 km from Apgujeong-dong Galleria Department Store to Cube Entertainment, art toys symbolizing Hallyu stars including Girls Generation, EXO and TVXQ, the GangnamDols are decorating the road. 


When you follow the beak and the footsteps of ‘K Bird’ installed on lampposts and crosswalks, you can find celebrities’ favorite restaurants and fashion stops, and gain information of celebrities through the information displayer next to the store. The middle and high schools of celebrities, the homes that they had actually lived in, their favorite snack stores and comic shops are located here and there in the K-star Road. Do not forget the trendy cafes of Gangnam, famous department stores, and shopping in the high-end shopping stores.

EXO Kstar Road
SM Kstar Road

Apgujeong-dong and Cheongdam-dong with entertainment corporations SM, JYP and CUBE concentrated have been the must-see spots of Hallyu fans. For the fans to actually meet the stars, to follow the stories of stars, the Gangnam Hallyu K-star Road is becoming an interesting traveling spot by developing the special places with the stores of celebrities.

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The K-Star Road project covers 4 zones across Sinsadong, Nonhyeondong to Cheongdamdong. Of particular interest to many visitors is the K-Star Road covering from Apgujeong Rodeo Station towards Cheongdam intersection, 1.08km along Apgujeong-ro (“ro”for road). There are 17 art toy statues (“Gangnamdol”, Gangnam Idol) of 1.5m high, representing different popular K-pop groups (e.g. Girls’ Generation, EXO, KARA, Block B) and the largest 3m high art toy representing K-Star Road.

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You can also buy miniatures and magnets of Gannamdol at Gangnamdol Haus (/House) Souvenir Shop, located on street level of Apgujeong Rodeo Station, Exit 7. The operating hours are 10:00-17:00 with an hour lunch break at 13:00-14:00.

K-star Road
K-star Road

​Broadly speaking, the K Star Road links the posh shops and department stores of Sinsa-dong and Apgujeong-dong in the west with the headquarters of Korea’s major entertainment companies in Cheongdam-dong to the east. You can stick to the main roads if you like, but to really soak in the charm, you’re going to have to explore the side roads and alleys.

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