UNICEF Reveals the Reasons They Invite BTS to the UN

On September 24, local time, BTS delivered a speech at the 73rd UN General Assembly, as part of a campaign with UNICEF.Last year, BTS collaborated with UNICEF to hold a “Love Myself” campaign aimed at ending violence against children and adolescents around the world. This campaign has raised more than 1 million dollars.


On September 25, a Korean UNICEF representative commented on the reason why they chose to invite Them.

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They’re song ‘Love Myself’ campaign, which states that all human potential comes from loving and respecting yourself, and UNICEF’s ‘Generation Unlimited’ new agenda, which aims to reveal the unlimited potential of young people, aimed at the same values. , “

UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore then posted a quote from the speech on her Twitter account, “We give BTS inspiring messages to young people around the world in the UN General Assembly.

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