The SM Entertainment Building Is Breaked By An Unknown Man

At midnight on September 23, police were called to the SM Entertainment building located in Gangnam, Seoul.

Sm Entertainment Building
Sm Entertainment Building

A man is said to have entered the building by destroying a glass door in the basement. After that, he used an emergency staircase to find the entrance to the seventh floor.

About 30 police officers and firefighters were summoned to the scene when the man withheld arrest by blocking the entrance to the seventh floor.

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He was arrested after being surrounded with police which lasted about an hour. Fortunately, the building was mostly empty when the burglary broke out because it was late at holiday, so there were no casualties.

According to sources from the police department assigned to carry out the investigation, the man suffered a mental disorder and claimed that he had heard the voices of the singer calling him to enter the building.

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