The East Light Agency Announces Termination of Contracts with All Members

All members of The East Light have now parted ways with Media Line Entertainment. On October 22, the agency revealed through an official statement, “After a long consideration, we announced that we had broken the agency contract with the four members of The East Light (Lee Eun Sung, Jung Sa Gang, Lee Woo Jin, and Kim Jun Wook).”

The East Light
The East Light

The agency explained that they had discussed with the four members and their parents about the best decisions that could be taken, and they also considered holding a press conference attended by the four members.

The statement continued, “However, we are worried that these young and injured members will stand as the center of attention at the press conference, and considering the members’ future as a priority, we take the agreement to terminate the four member contracts. We are talking about the termination process with the four member parents. “

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Media Line Entertainment added, “We are worried about the members’ feelings for their future with the termination of this contract, but we ask for support so that these young members no longer feel hurt and can dream again after treating their pain. In addition, because this controversy is getting bigger and continues to be the center of attention, we will not respond to reporters because we consider the possibility of the pain experienced by the six members including sisters (Lee Seok Chul and Lee Seung Hyun). “

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“In addition, we will also participate in the investigation process, and in this process we will not run away from responsibility and will solve all problems. We really ask for all speculative news without the results of an investigation that can hurt the members so that they are no longer released from now on, “the agency concluded.

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