Kpop Advertisements in Seoul Underground Station, How Fans Convey a Message for Their Idols

Traveling by subway in Seoul, we will often see Kpop Advertisements displaying fan messages for K-pop idols.When BTS is currently one of the best global groups, they have dominated public transportation with various messages and sayings from fans.


Hongdae Station, is a station that has more kpop advertisements than other stations in the South Korean capital. Many fans stopped to take photos of colorful advertisements, which are usually placed by fans to celebrate the birthday of their idol.

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The number of K-Pop ads on the subway has increased, according to data from Seoul Metro.

The figure reached 1,576 in September this year, a sharp increase from 2014 when there were only 76 K-pop advertisements on display in the Seoul subway system.

It has become a tradition among K-pop fans to raise funds and show support for their favorite idols through advertisements. As a thank you, these idols sometimes appear in front of advertisements and take photos.

The phenomenon of K-pop advertising is a major source of income for Seoul Metro, which usually always experiences billions of losses every year even though it accommodates millions of passengers every day.

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Depending on the location, the cost for K-Pop ads ranges from 1.5 million won to 4.5 million won before tax to advertise for a month.

Have you ever participated in advertising on one of the subway stations in Seoul?

Source : Koreanindo

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