Couple Culture Can Be a Highly Public Affair In Korea

People often wonder  how big couple culture really is in korea. Many, like I was, are sceptic that couple culture is that big in Korea. Cuple items everywhere, couples frequently seen in couple outfits, couples acting all lovey dovey with each other but dont quite breach across the indecent PDA boundary.

Couple culture to an extent is pretty big amongs youths particularly the university crowds and maybe perhaps up to 30s too. Around campus it is not incommon to see a couple here and there…luck you can’t escape them. They practically everywhere in Seoul, Wherever you are there will always be a couple.

couple jacket
couple jacket

How do we know that they are a couple? The thing is that korean couples are so damn obvious. If you look at a couple in another country, you dont immediately conciously think that they’re couple, because they tend to have their personal space and dont wear similar items. So you tend carry on walking by without thinking much about it. Where as in Korea, couple there wear couple outfits, or outfits that such as having the same shoes, similar bag style, outfits style, etc.

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Furthermore, they tend to walk every close to each other. Guys are commonly found their arms draped across the shoulder of the girl, or snaked around their waist. Being a cuople can be a highly public affair. 

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