On September 3, the 2018 Seoul International Drama Awards held event. This event was held at KBS Hall and was hosted by Jun Hyun Moo and SNSD Sooyoung. This year, the Seoul International Drama Awards take into account 268 creations from 56 countries, becoming the largest in the historical record of this award event.

seoul international drama awards 2018
Seoul International Drama Awards

The korean drama “Mother”received the Top Excellent Award for the Miniseri, and the star Lee Bo Young won the Best Actress trophy.

The Seoul international Awards also gave awards for original korean works that also received attention and love from overseas viewers “While You Were Sleeping” managed to get the topExcellence Award for the Hallyu Drama, while “Fight My Way” and “Pretty Noona Who Buy Me Food” received the Excellence Award for the Hallyu Drama.

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Park Seo Joon and Son Ye Jin took home the best Actor and Best Actress awards for the Hallyu Drama Category. While on Indonesian Actress, Tatjana Saphira Hartman won the Asia Star Award.

Seoul International Drama Awards
Seoul International Drama Awards

Following is the complete list of winners :

Grand Prize : “Babylon Berlin” (Germany)

Top Excellence Award for Long Drama : “Candice Renoir” (France)

Excellence Award for Long Drama : “Fifthy Rich” (New Zealand)

Top Excellence Award for Miniseri : “Mother” (South Korea)

Excellence Award for Miniseri : “Safe Harbor” (Australia)

Top Excellence Award for Short Drama : “54 Hours” (Germany)

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Excellence Award for Short Drama : “Black Mirror S4 : Crocodille” (English)

Top Excellence Award for Comedy :”The New Black” (Israel)

Best Actor Award :”Joan Pera” (Spain, “The Power of Silent)

Best Actress Award :”Lee Bo Young” (South Korea, “Mother”)

Best Director : Killian Riedhoff (Germany,”54 Hours”)

Best Writer :”Uli Bree, Klaus Pieber (Austria, “A Dance to Remembrance”)

Best Actor for Hallyu Drama :” Park Seo Joom”

Best Actress for hallyu Drama :”Son Ye Jin”

Top Excellence Award Drama for Hallyu Dramas :”While You Were Sleeping”

Excellence Award for Hallyu Drama :”Fight My Way”,”Preetty Noona Whoo Buys Me Food”

Asia Star Award :”Ryohei Otani(Japan)”, “Tatjana Saphira Hartmann (Indonesia)”

Special Invitation :”Solitary Gourmet” (Japan)

Spesial Jury Award:”The Memoir of Majie” (Malaysia)

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