Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo convey the message after the end of the drama ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’

On September 15, the drama based on the popular webtoon ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’ had aired its final episode and the actors shared their thoughts.

Im Soo Hyang who plays the main character Kang Mi Rae who underwent plastic surgery stated, “For me,” My ID is Gangnam Beauty “is a great courage and challenge.”

my id is gangnam beauty
my id is gangnam beauty

Im Soo Hyang added that even though she was eager to be the main character of the webtoon she liked, she also felt scared and anxious while worried about whether she could do a good job.

He continued, “I am very happy and grateful that Mi Rae that I described was able to receive sympathy and support from viewers.


All the happy memories of this summer are in “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and I will remember them as pleasant memories. Thank you for loving “My ID is Gangnam Beauty,” the cowardly but beautiful Mi Rae, and Im Soo Hyang. “

Cha Eun Woo who acts as a handsome student with a cold personality named Do Kyung Suk said “” My ID is Gangnam Beauty “is a drama that will be in my memory for a long time and for the rest of my life.

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Thank you to the director, writer, all staff, and actors who allowed me to have these precious memories and experiences.

I thank the viewers who gave me lots of love this summer. I will meet you again with a better appearance, so please look forward. “

According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode that aired on September 15 had a viewership rating of 5.8%, which was the highest rate during the drama airing.

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