When Fans Show the Loyalty for Their Idol with Birthday Advertising or Subway Advertising.

Did you know? Birthday Advertising or Subway Advertising? In Korea is a country that upholds the value of art. Especially now, kpop industry has become global. It can be enjoyed by all fans in the world. Boyband or Girlband who have already made their debut as a pioneer for their junior in the entertainment industry.

Birthday Advertising is a gift from their fans where they celebrated the victory or anniversary of their idol that was installed at several Subway Stations in Korea, on a big billboard in the city center streets or even installed on Korea Subway.

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Birthday Advertising

The advestisement was paid for by alone admirer. A full page color ad in a daily newspaper normally cost over 10 Million won. But more and more fans are forking out to  congratulate theirs idol on their birthday or to promote their new album.

Birthday Advertising

Fans club out their ads on subway trains, buses, or billboard rather than in newspaper or tv because they are relative cheaper and can be highly effective in area with large floating populations like Myeongdong, Gangnam, and Yeouido.

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Myeongdong is particularly popular among chinesse speaking fans as it is frequented by many koreans and chinesse tourist.

Yeouido is a great place to promote the stars to those working in broadcasting industry. Gangnam is home to many showbiz management agencies, hence a great place to show fans loyalty.

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